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R2R 2020 - with Club Logo - POST-Event - Attendee.docx

R2R 2020 - with Club Logo - POST-Event - NON-ATTENDEE.docx

R2R 2020 - NO Club Logo - Pre-Event - NON-ATTENDEE.docx

R2R 2020 - NO Club Logo - Pre-Event - Attendee.docx

R2R 2020 - with Club Logo - Pre-Event - NON-ATTENDEE.docx

R2R 2020 - with Club Logo - Pre-Event - Attendee.docx

R2R 2020 - NO Club Logo - POST-Event - NON-ATTENDEE.docx

R2R 2020 - NO Club Logo - POST-Event - Attendee.docx


The JMA's 2022 Ride to Remember (R2R) will be held September 8 through September 11 in San Diego California.  We are fully aware that you may not be able to attend this year - possibly due to the location and the cost to get there.  


You can, nonetheless, help raise funds for this worthwhile cause and be recognized at the event.  This message contains suggestions and SAMPLES (meaning you can write your own or modify these to your liking) as well as recommendations on how to leverage social media to help us maximize the results. 

A few tips to make these samples your own:

  • Fill in the date (top - [Select a date]) and your name (bottom -[Enter your Name]).

  • IF you have a signature image, click on the item above the name you just entered and select the file with your signature from your device; then resize it.
    If you do not have a signature file

    • click the signature area

    • click the words (Insert Signature File and resize - or Delete)

    • press the delete key

  • IF you start with a sample message that has the club logo and want to substitute your club's, right click the existing one and select the option to Change Picture



Once complete, the message(s) you choose to use can be copied (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C) and pasted (Ctrl-V) into other documents, web pages, etc.


We understand you may be very uncomfortable with the idea of fundraising.  This message is an attempt to make it relatively painless. You do not need to personally request donations if that makes you uncomfortable.  You do not need to have contacts who can make a major donation (but if you do, great!). 


YOU CAN, regardless, make a financial contribution.  


Think of it this way - if 100 of us each gets 10 people to donate $25 each, JMA will raise $25,000.


SUGGESTED Timeline for messages:

Mid-March 2020 (March 15) - 

Use one of the attached pre-ride letters as your starting point - one for those attending; one if your significant contribution is in the way of fundraising.


May 4-11 (AFTER the ride).  Follow up with one of the post-ride messages, or one of your own.


Use social media-

  • Put together a list of emails you can contact.  Be sure to put them in the BLIND COPY (BCC) field of your email tool.

  • Post it on your favorite social media outlets.  For example:

    • Facebook

    • LinkedIn

    • Instagram

  • Distribute a copy(ies) of a letter with local businesses

  • Post in bulletin boards where you participate:

    • Community

    • Religious/cultural organizations

    • Work

Thanks for your help.  We hope to see you in San Diego.  But, if you can't, we hope you can help this worthwhile charity regardless.